Andrew Westfall
Biographical Information
Full name: Andrew Westfall
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Occupation(s): Junior Student at Allenwood High School
School Jock
Status: Deceased
Nickname(s): Drew (Charlotte)
Relationship Information
Family: Jeffrey Westfall (father)
Maggie Westfall (mother)
Relationships: Charlotte Monroe(girlfriend prior to death)
Friends: Ethan Michaels
Logan Middleton
Isaac Ramsey
Enemies: Crimson the Clown
Other Information
Interests: Football
Clique: Football Team
Talent(s): Football
Education: Allenwood High School
Show Information
Season(s): 1
Only Appearance: Pilot
Portrayed by: Tyler Posey
Whoever you are. Stop being playing games and being immature. Do you not have anything better to do on a Saturday night?
Andrew in Pilot

Andrew Westfall is a male character on Queen Alietta's series Twisted Lies. He is a guest character. Andrew first appeared in Season 1, episode 1; Pilot. He is potrayed by Tyler Posey

Series History

Early History

Andrew was born to Jeffrey and Maggie Westfall. He was there only child. It is presumed that he grew up in Allenwood. At some point, he met Charlotte Monroe and they began dating. He attended Allenwood High School and joined the football team.

Season 1


In Pilot, Andrew and Charlotte are making out in his house. They start flirting and Charlotte scratches and tickles his back. She is teasing him and eventually, she leaves the room to go get changed. Whilst he is alone, he puts on the music channel and is texting an unknown number who text him first. He doesn't know who it is and the conversation gets a little flirty. He calls out for Charlotte to see if she is nearly finished. She tells him that she won't be long and then he begins to make popcorn. After a while, he receives a text from this person letting him know that they want to see who they are looking at. Andrew laughs it off at first, but when he re-reads the text, he becomes worried.

Andrew looked around downstairs. He went to the windows to look outside and even turned on the deck lighting to see if anyone was there. He didn't see anyone. He went back into the kitchen and took the battery out of his phone. He left it on the counter. Andrew tried to think about who could be playing games with him and he realized that it was probably Charlotte. Andrew was about to call for her but was distracted by movement in the downstairs master bedroom. He looked around to see if he could find something.

After he had looked in the master bedroom, he decided to check the deck again. He turned the light on but still, there was nothing there. He decided to go upstairs and talk to Charlotte. As he entered the foyer, the doorbell rang and he went to check outside to see who it was. No one was there so he came back inside. He then found a jack-in-the-box. He wondered how it had got there and then called for Charlotte when she shouted him. Before he could go any further, Crimson the Clown slit his throat with a knife.

Later on, Charlotte found his body and tried to survive the attack but was unsuccessful. There bodies were later found by Andrew's parents as they had been moved and placed in the master bedroom.

Physical Appearance

Andrew was described as having jet black hair. He had a slim build, stood at 5 ft 10 and weighed 72kg.


Nothing much is known about Andrew's personality. He seem caring as he cared for Charlotte Monroe, his girlfriend.



Season 1