The small town of Allenwood was struck by the darkness of the night, darker than smeared charcoal. Small splashes of gold were spread out over the night sky, glittering as if an artist had brazenly attempted to light it without aim. Smoky grey clouds deteriorate under the fluorescent silver beams of the moon as if they were shadows to be banished.

In the woods, the trees were black trunks against the charcoal sky. A gorgeous stone-accented french country house sat alone next the woods. It was the only house in sight. Inside the home, two teenagers were making out. Andrew Westfall, a popular 16-year old junior student who is on the football team, continued to kiss his girlfriend, Charlotte Monroe, passionately in the great room. The room was as dark as outside, but the bright flames of the fire light it up a little. Charlotte is sat on top of Andrew, who is sat on a perfectly white couch. Charlotte sits back and slowly runs her finger along his chest.

You like that, huh?” said Charlotte flirtatiously as she carried on running her finger down his chest. Andrew smiled at her.

And what about this, Drew?” asked Charlotte whilst she put her hands under his top and slowly scratched his back. Andrew began to laugh.

Charlotte finished scratching his back. She stared deep into Andrew’s eyes and smiled whilst raising her eyebrows. She began to kiss his neck. Andrew looked very relaxed. He was smiling to himself.

I love that,” smiled Andrew, pausing “But do you know what I really love?

What?” asked Charlotte as she stopped kissing his neck.

Guess,” replied Andrew.

Charlotte smiled at Andrew. She looked down to her body. She pulled down her white lace front cami top to reveal a black lace bra to Andrew.

That’s more like it,” flirted Andrew.

Andrew leaned in to kiss Charlotte, but she pushed him away. Andrew paused. Charlotte stood up, pulled her top back up and began to walk out of the room.

Wait…!” shouted Andrew “Where are you going?

You’ll see,” smiled Charlotte “Wait here, I’ll be back before you know it.

Charlotte winked at Andrew before turning round and leaving the room. She went upstairs and entered Andrew’s bedroom. Andrew laughed to himself.

What a tease,” laughed Andrew.

Andrew got up and walked towards the television. He turned it on. Pretty Little Liars, a television series, was on the television. Andrew paused for a second as he watched the episode. After a moment, he picked up the remote.

What is this shit that she has been watching?” asked Andrew, talking to himself.

Andrew changed the channel to a music channel. He began to listen to it before needing to go to the toilet. He entered the downstairs master bedroom to go to the bathroom. Charlotte took her clothes off in Andrew’s bedroom whilst getting very excited. She bit her lip and looked into the mirror. Andrew finished in the bathroom and walked back into the great room. He sat back down on the white couch and listened to the music. He pulled out his phone and noticed that he had missed a text from an unknown number. He opened the text.


  • Unknown Texter: Hey! Is this the right number?
  • Andrew: Who is this? I think you might have got the wrong number.
  • Unknown Texter: I’m sure this is the right number ;)
  • Andrew: I haven’t given my phone number out recently. This is Andrew Westfall, who is this?
  • Unknown Texter: Do you really want to know? ;)
  • Andrew: Yeah
  • Unknown Texter: It’s me, do you not remember me?
  • Andrew: I have no idea who you are…
  • Unknown Texter: Oh, I think you do. I wonder what’s under that tight shirt of yours ;)
  • Andrew: Something that’s not for you to see ;)

Andrew laughed to himself as he placed the phone down on the coffee table. He stood up and walked into the kitchen area.

Charlotte!” shouted Andrew “How long are you going to be?

I won’t be much longer,” replied Charlotte “Just make some popcorn whilst you’re waiting!

Andrew sighed. He got some popcorn out of the cupboard and he began to make them. Charlotte finished getting ready. She looked in the mirror and picked up a hairbrush. Charlotte is an attractive young woman with an oval face and light olive complexion. She has almond-shaped brown eyes. Charlotte has a slim and slightly athletic physique. She continued to comb through her thick, dark brown hair. All of a sudden, she heard a floorboard creak. Charlotte placed the brush down and opened the bedroom door. She walked onto the corridor between the two bedrooms. Nothing was there. She entered the guest bedroom, but once again nothing was there. When she left the bedroom, she heard the floorboards creaking again. Charlotte walked back onto the corridor and she started staring at the door at the end of the corridor. She paused and looked. She started to slowly walk towards it. Her heart was racing. Charlotte’s footsteps were getting smaller and smaller and she headed towards the door. She opened it. Charlotte turned the light on. The room was stored with hundreds of cardboard boxes which were piled to the ceiling like a tower. Charlotte didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She turned the light off and the room returned to its former darkness. She shut the door. Suddenly, she heard the creaking sound again. Charlotte flung around quickly.

Andrew!” breathed Charlotte “Is that you?

Andrew is still in the kitchen. He ran his fingers through his jet black hair. He goes back over to the great room and checks his phone. He has another message from the unknown texter. He opens it.


  • Unknown Texter: Oh come on, I want to know what I’m looking at ;)
  • Andrew: Who is this?

At first, Andrew was laughing. However, after he re-read the text, a shiver was sent up his spine. He looked around quickly. He walked over to the windows and scanned the outside to see if he saw anyone. Andrew walked over to the back-door and turned on the lights for the deck. There was nothing there. He turned them back off and wandered back into the kitchen. He placed his phone down on the counter. He took the battery out and took his mind off it. He checked the popcorn until he had a thought.

Who the fuc-” ranted Andrew “Wait...I know exactly who it is.

Andrew went back into the great room and looked up towards the balcony. He was about to shout for Charlotte, but got distracted by movement in the downstairs master bedroom. He was confused. Andrew stares at the door and the walks over to open it. Charlotte continues hearing the creaking. She quickly heads towards the door which leads onto the indoor balcony which hangs over the great room. She tried opening the door but it was locked. She kept pulling on it but it doesn’t make a difference.

Andrew?!” snapped Charlotte “Open the door!

He couldn’t hear her. Andrew came out of the master bedroom. He quickly goes over to the back-door again and looks on the deck. Behind him, a creepy-figure dressed in a clown costume sneaks around. The Clown entered the foyer. Andrew turned back around and headed to the stairs to go find Charlotte. Charlotte sat down on Andrew’s bed and text him. She was annoyed. Andrew headed into the foyer. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and he jumped out of his skin. Andrew froze like an ice-cube and stared at the front door. Then, the knocking began. The knocks were deep, wood-powered, knuckles hits which made Andrew flinch. The colour drained from Andrew’s face. He was as white as the winter snow. He slowly walked towards the front door and opened it. He shut his eyes, took a breath and opened it. There is no one there. He walked onto the porch and looked around.

Whoever you are. Stop being playing games and being immature. Do you not have anything better to do on a Saturday night?” shouted Andrew.

He headed back inside and locked the front door. When he turned around, he saw something on the floor. It was a jack-in-the-box. He picked up and was puzzled. He wondered how it had got there.

Andrew!” shouted Charlotte “This isn’t even funny, stop playing games!

Andrew paused and looked up the stairs. He was confused.

Charlotte?” shouted Andrew.

As he was about to step onto the stairs, the Clown emerged from behind him and slit his throat. The blood dripped down like water flowing down a waterfall. Andrew dropped to his knees. Charlotte stood up. She heard Andrew calling for her. She quickly pulled out a lace dressing-gown from the wardrobe and walked over to the window. In the distance, she could see a grey-hooded figure watching the house from the woods.

Andrew!” yelled Charlotte “I think someone is watching your house...

Charlotte paused and continued to stare at the hooded-figure outside. She felt uncomfortable. The sound of the unlocking of the door alarmed Charlotte. She turned around and slowly walked towards the door.

Andrew? Is that you?” asked Charlotte.

There was no answer once again. She opened the door and headed onto the balcony. Charlotte could see Andrew sat on the white couch from the balcony. He was just below her. She could see the back of his head. She placed her hands on her hips and looked over the railings.

What are you playing at?” yelled Charlotte “Why did you lock me in there?

He didn’t answer. She began to lose her patience. She waited for a response.

Are you going to ignore me now?” pressed Charlotte.

For the final time. there was no answer. Charlotte was mad. Her face was going red. She turned around to head down the stairs. Suddenly, the Clown appeared and walked towards her. Her eyes widened. She saw the knife and screamed. The Clown pushed her and she went flying into the railings. The wooden railings snapped like legs as Charlotte screamed. She landed on the couch and rolled onto the floor. She hit her head. She looked up to see Andrew’s lifeless body. Her screams carried on coming. She stood up when she realised The Clown had disappeared from the balcony.

Oh my god!” screamed Charlotte “Please...please say this is a dream. Please!

Charlotte ran towards the backdoor. She tried pulling it open but it wouldn’t shift. She looked around to find something to smash the windows down with. It was too late. The Clown was already there. Charlotte quickly ran into the master bedroom and shut the door. She looked around for something to help. She ran over to the windows to see if she could climb out of them. She could. Charlotte tried climbing out but The Clown popped up and made her scream. She fell back onto the floor and looked up. She jumped up quickly and shut the windows. She also shut the rest of the windows. Charlotte stared at the Clown, who was stood still staring at her.

Leave me alone!” screamed Charlotte “I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE YOU SON OF A BITCH!

The Clown turned its head to the side continuing to stare at her. Suddenly, the Clown smacked its hand onto the window and smeared Andrew’s blood across it. A single tear slid down Charlotte's warm face, followed by a thousand more. Charlotte covered her mouth as she picked up the phone on the nightstand, ran into the master bathroom and hid in the closet. Her palms were sweaty and the adrenaline coursing through her system was shutting down her memory and ability to think logically. She wanted to escape and she wanted to escape now. She dialed the number for the police.

Pick up, pick up, pick up!” repeated Charlotte.

Suddenly, she could hear the smashing of the windows. The phone had no signal. Charlotte threw it down. She looked around for something to defend herself with whilst the tears repeatedly streamed down her face. Charlotte picked up a spare piece of plank wood. She exited the closet. Her heart was beating fast. She didn’t know if she would make it out alive. Charlotte checked the bathroom and bedroom to see if anyone was there. She didn’t see anything until she looked at the bedroom door. It was open. The Clown snuck up behind her and threw its arm around her neck. Charlotte struggled to be set free from the monster that had captured her. The Clown also struggled to keep hold of her. It released her as she went flying to the ground, hitting her head on the door-frame. She was dizzy. She tried looking around as the blood gushed out of her head. Her eyesight wasn’t very good.

Please!” cried Charlotte “Please don’t do this. I beg you!

The Clown lifted its knife high in the sky. It had finally caught its last prey for the night. It plunged the knife deep into her chest. Her screams echoed around the house, but no one could hear her. No one but one person; the grey-hooded figure, who ran deep into the forest.



A L322 Range Rover drove towards a house. The house had a sign outside it which said "SOLD". The man driving the car, Richard Hanlon, parked the car in front of the garage. The family all got out of the car. An oval-shape faced girl got out of the car carrying two suitcases. She has a light skin tone and is quite tall, but slim. She also had medium-length dark brown hair. She stayed on the spot and looked up at the house. She was making a first judgment. The girl's older brother, Jonah Hanlon, joined her and also had a good look at his new home. Jonah is very handsome. He has a light complexion with olive undertones. He possesses black hair with intense, dreamy blue eyes. Richard got out of the car and wrapped his arms around his children.

"What do you think?" asked Richard "Nice, huh?"

"Yep, looks great," replied Jonah.

"What about you Skylar?" asked Richard.

Skylar unfroze. She had been looking at the house. She turned her head to her father.

"What?" said Skylar, not knowing what her father had said.

"What do you think of the house?" asked Richard once again.

"It looks nice on the outside...I guess," answered Skylar.

She smiled at her father. There was an awkward silence whilst the three of them looked up at the house.

"It's getting late. We should all probably head inside and get some rest," asserted Richard.

His children nodded as they all headed inside with their stuff. Richard turned on the light. They all stayed on the spot whilst inspecting the house. A little corridor led into the living room. On the right side of the corridor were some stairs leading up to two bedrooms.

"You can have a look downstairs if you want. All our furniture should be arriving tomorrow. For now, we will just have to use the stuff already here. The bedrooms are pretty empty, but there is still a bed to sleep on," informed Richard.

"I think I'm just going to head to bed. I'm tired," yawned Skylar.

"Okay honey. Night," smiled Richard.

"Night Dad. Night Jonah," replied Skylar.

"Night," breathed Jonah.

Skylar went upstairs. Jonah and Richard looked at each other. They went into the living area. Richard looked in the cupboards and fridge for anything to drink. He found a glass but nothing to drink. He used the tap and had a drink of cold water.

"Jonah," said Richard as Jonah turned around to face him "You're going to be up early helping me bring the rest of the boxes in."

Jonah nodded. Skylar opened her bedroom door. She turned on the light, getting rid of the dullness the room had been living in. The room was rather big but also empty accept from a bed placed perfectly in the middle of the room. She went over and placed her suitcase on the bed. Skylar looked around and then decided to look around. She looked in the other bedroom, bathroom and her closet. Skylar then looked at a door. She tried to open it but it was locked. She tried multiple times just to make sure. Skylar went back into her room and shut the door.


The morning sunlight shone through the window, lying on the ground like sweet honey. Skylar stretched her arms as she lay up in her bed. It was her first day in the new house. She quickly threw some clothes on and headed downstairs. Richard was in the kitchen making breakfast.

"Morning, Sky!" smiled Richard, as he kissed her on the head "Good night sleep?"

"Yeah, it took a while but I eventually did," replied Skylar.

"At least you got some sleep. I didn't get any at all! All I can think about is the furniture arriving today and getting this house looking like our home!" said Richard.

"Yeah, sorry about not being able to help unpack everything...," apologized Skylar "I just thought it would be easier trying to find a job now rather than later."

"Don't worry about it, honey," laughed Richard "I am happy that you're already trying to fit in and get a job."

"I'll help with anything when I get back, if you need me?" offered Skylar.

"That would be great," responded Richard as he went over to the bottom of the stairs "JONAH! GET UP, THE STUFF WILL BE HEAR ANY SECOND!"

Skylar sat down as she tied the laces on her shoes. Richard carried on cooking the eggs.

"Do you want any breakfast, honey? We've got plenty!" asked Richard.

"Actually, I think I'm just going to head out now. I'll probably eat something in town. I'll see you later," replied Skylar.

"Bye, Sky!" smiled Richard.

Skylar left the house. She was still unsure on whether she liked this place.


Allenwood was a small town which is located in Pennsylvania. It is approximately 17 miles outside Philadelphia. Just because it was a small town, it doesn't stop the town from having big events. Allenwood has a lot of things from Allenwood High School to Allenwood Church. Skylar walked along the pavement. She walked into a café called "Express Café". She ordered a coffee and then left. Skylar then visited the Allenwood Supermarket, Allenwood Library to pick up some books to study from and then she went to Allenwood Mall.

Skylar looked around the huge mall. She noticed a few clothes that she would like and goes over to look at them. In the distance, Isabela Kendrick watches her from the jewelry section. She is with Ava Lyons and Aniya Tirney. Ava has golden hair which draped down softly, curling along the ends. She was perfect. Every guy wanted her and every girl wanted to be her. Isabela has lovely, whisky hair and it was the colour of the fallen brown leaves in autumn. Aniya has long, thick black hair. Ava was trying jewelry on. Isabela carried on looking at Skylar.

"Aniya, pass me that necklace over there," demanded Ava.

Aniya quickly ran over and picked the necklace up. She went over and handed it to Ava. Ava quickly threw it back at her.

"Do you honestly think I'd wear that? Are you blind? I didn't even point to that ugly, horrendous thing. I pointed to the one with pearls," shouted Ava.

"Oh!" responded Aniya.

"Yes, oh," huffed Ava "Are you just going to stand there or actually pass me the necklace?"

Aniya quickly ran over and swapped the necklace. She ran back over and handed it to Ava, who snatched it out of her hands. Ava tried it on.

"Who's that girl over there? I've never seen her before. She's pretty," questioned Isabela.

Ava and Aniya looked over. Aniya walked over to Isabela, staring at Skylar from the other side of the mall. Ava ignored her.

"Oh my, she is really pretty! Does she go to our school?" wondered Aniya.

"I don't know," responded Isabela.

Ava changed the topic.

"Come on girls, what do you think?" posed Ava.

Aniya and Isabela both turned around to look at Ava. Ava twirled and pointed to the pearl necklace.

"It looks amazing!" smiled Aniya.

"Yeah, you totally suit it!" answered Isabela.

"Why are you lying? bellowed Ava "This necklace looks horrible on me and anyone who ever buys it. If any of you bought this, I would give my honest opinion and not let you go out looking awful. I wouldn't lie to be nice to you. Come on, we're leaving,"

Ava picked up her bags and strut out of the jewelry section. Aniya and Isabela quickly followed behind like lost puppies. Ava kept her eye on Skylar whilst walking out.


Jeffrey and Maggie Westfall, Andrew's parents, got out of the car after they had parked it on the driveway. They walked together, holding hands, towards the front door.

"What a lovely holiday. It was a shame Andrew couldn't come with us," said Maggie.

"It was his choice. I'm proud of him. I'm surprised he picked school over a holiday though," replied Jeffrey.

"Yeah right, school? This is Andrew we're talking about. He probably wanted to stay with that girl...what's her name? Charline?" wondered Maggie.

The pair arrived at the front door. Maggie looked over at the flowers.

"Oh look, he hasn't been looking after my flowers! He's going to get a right telling off when I see him" moaned Maggie.

"He's going to get more than a telling off for not answering his phone for the past day!" admitted Jeffrey.

They both opened the door and went inside.

"Andrew, we're home!" yelled Jeffrey.

Jeffrey went up the stairs and stopped when he saw the balcony was broke.

"Maggie, come and look at this," shouted Jeffrey.

Maggie came running up the stairs. The pair of them looked at each other. They went to the top of the stairs and looked over the balcony. Maggie's mouth widened with horror. She could see the blood smothered across her white couch. Jeffrey wrapped his arm around Maggie.

"Andrew! Are you home?" yelled Jeffrey.

They both went downstairs into the great room. The room looked like it had been destroyed. They looked over to the door of the master bedroom and could see a bloody handprint on the door. They both slowly walked towards it.

"Andrew, baby, are you in there?" said Maggie, terrified.

There was no answer. They both opened the door. Jeffrey quickly looked away as Maggie dropped to her knees screaming in horror. They both began to cry rivers of tears. The dead bodies were set out on the double bed. Both of them were dead. Maggie screamed louder and louder by the second. She had lost her only son.


Brianna Pennell looked out of her bedroom window. She turned to look in the mirror. As she turned, her cinnamon hair caught the early morning light and shone brighter than the sun. She put on her glasses whilst making a judgment on her new dress. She didn't know if she liked it. Her parents, Bryan and Jocelyn Pennell, watched her from the doorway. Brianna jumped when she saw them in the reflection of the mirror. She turned to look at them.

"Morning Mom, Dad," greeted Brianna.

"Morning," responded Bryan and Jocelyn.

Brianna smiled and turned to look back in the mirror.

"I think it's perfect. You should definitely wear it," advised Jocelyn.

"You look beautiful, dear," complimented Bryan.

"Thanks," thanked Brianna.

Jocelyn checked the time on her watch.

"Shoot, I need to go to work. Enjoy your day at school dear" said Jocelyn, giving Bryan a kiss.

When they kissed Brianna pulled a face to herself. She decided that she would be wear the dress for school. She liked it. Bryan watched her still.

"If you want, I can give you a lift to school on the way to work," offered Bryan.

"It's alright Dad. Dominic is picking me up," responded Brianna "Thank you for the offer though."

"Okay. I will see you whenever you get home. Have a good day!" said Bryan as he left the room.

"You too," yelled Brianna from her room.

Brianna looked in the mirror one more time. A car beeped outside her house so she quickly walked over to the window. Dominic was here. Brianna quickly picked up her stuff and left.


Skylar heard the sound of the annoying alarm. She rouse from her heavy slumber as she is aware of the refreshing coolness of the air. She opened her eyes and let out a gentle yawn. Skylar turned her alarm off and looked at the time. Her eyes widened.

"Crap!" shouted Skylar to herself.

She jumped out of her bed and ran into the bathroom. She quickly tied her hair back in a ponytail and brushed her teeth. Her teeth sparkled like diamonds. She ran back into her bedroom and quickly got dressed. She picked up her bags and headed downstairs. Richard was placing the couches in a different position. Skylar was running around like a loose cannon. She opened the fridge to try and find her lunch. She was unsuccessful.

"Dad, have you seen my lunch?" asked Skylar.

"Yeah. I put it on the side next to the microwave," replied Richard.

Skylar quickly picked up her lunch and placed it in her bag. She then ran into the living room and picked up her shoes. She sat down whilst trying to put her shoes on fast. She looked up to the clock.

"Urgh! I'm going to be late!" panicked Skylar "I can't leave a bad impression on my first day at my new high school!"

She eventually got her shoes on and ran for the door.

"GOOD LUCK! I KNOW YOU'LL FIT IN FINE! yelled Richard as she ran out the door.

Skylar quickly shut the door and ran down the street.


Jonah walked behind Sergeant Quinton Michaels. Quinton was checking the school grounds.

"Hello, sir," introduced Jonah "I'm Jonah Han-"

"I know who you are," responded Quinton as he turned to face Jonah.

"Oh..." said Jonah.

Quinton turned back around and carried on walking. Jonah followed him and didn't know what to do. He didn't know whether to ask him what to do. He just went along with it.

"Excuse me, sir," interrupted Jonah.

Quinton turned to face Jonah. He looked annoyed.

"Look, all I've been told is to watch what you're doing by my boss. Lets get this straight. I'm not your friend. I'm your boss. Got it?" asked Quinton.

"I've got it...I was just wondering. What do you want me to do?" asked Jonah.

"For now you can watch the school grounds with the rest of the officers. If you see or hear anything suspicious, you tell me," ordered Quinton.

Quinton walked away as Jonah started doing as he was told. Brianna and her friend, Dominic Sizemore, arrived at school. They were walking towards the entrance watching what was going on. Dominic is a young African-American man with a shaven head. He has a bright smile and green eyes. A lot of students are coming and going, looking at the six police cars, five news vans and flashing cameras. Crowds were starting to build around the new reporters. Marissa Zimmerman, a news reporter, began reporting on the town's latest events.

"The small town of Allenwood, PA was rocked last night when two junior students were found brutally slaughtered. The discovery was made yesterday by one of the victim's parents. Sources are reporting no arrest has been made and that the killer could very much strike again. Authorities have yet to issue a statement about the mysterious event," reported Marissa.

Dominic and Brianna break away from the crowd as they continue to walk towards the entrance.

"As if I didn't know this shit was happening!" exclaimed Dominic.

"I can't believe you didn't know. It is all over the news" responded Brianna.

"The news? You know I don't watch that shit!" laughed Dominic.

They both headed inside. Skylar eventually go to Allenwood High School. She looked around in astonishment. She was clueless and had no idea what was going on. She scanned the crowds to try and see if her brother was here. She spotted him and ran towards him.

"What is going on here?!" asked Skylar.

"Sky, I'm on duty right now," replied Jonah.

"I can see that," pressed Skylar "But you can atleast tell me what is going on."

Jonah breathed out. He looked around to see if any other officer was watching him and then pulled her to the side.

"Two students were murdered last night," revealed Jonah.

Skylar opened her mouth. She was shocked. She had just moved to a town where a murder had took place. It was giving her memories. Jonah started walking away.

"I need to go. I'll see you when I get home from work," said Jonah.

Skylar headed inside. As Jonah is walking, he caught a glimpse of what he thought was an angel. Willow Yarbrough locked her car as she struggled to carry boxes towards the school. She has medium-length, curly, dirty blonde hair and she wore all white. Jonah ran towards her.

"Do you need any help with that, ma'am?" asked Jonah.

"No, I'm fine. Don't worry. I'll be able to carry them," struggled Willow.

She carried on walking and then dropped the boxes. Jonah quickly started helping her pick them up. She put her hair behind her ears and smiled.

"Thanks," thanked Willow.

"You're welcome," smiled Jonah.

They both stood up and looked at each other for a moment. Willow carried on walking.

"So...what's going on here? Looks pretty cray" wondered Willow.

They both walked inside carrying the boxes. In the distantce, Marissa watched them.


Brianna opened her locker. She started to take books out.

"Paranormal Activity is mint! Did you see the new one?" asked Dominic.

"Do you really need to ask me that?" replied Brianna.

She turned to face a group of jocks laughing and joking around. They were pointing at something. Dominic was still talking. She turned to see what they were pointing at. It was Theodore Riley. He walked down the corridor as they shouted stuff towards him. Brianna looked upset. She didn't like it when people got picked on. She shut her locker and ignored it.


Gabriel, the principal of Allenwood High School, sat at his desk across from Skylar. The office was painted white. It only had one window, which faced the front of the school. On the white desk, sat a laptop, a notebook lying open and a stack of papers sitting under a elephant-shaped paperweight. In the corner, the air conditioner was blasting at low. Gabriel was on his swivel chair. He span around on it.

"That's everything. Welcome to the school, Miss. Hanlon. It's a pleasure to have you," said Gabriel "Do you have any questions before you leave?"

Skylar nodded.

"Here's your timetable. I have one of our best students hear to help you around. She will be your friend to go to if you need anything," smiled Gabriel as someone knocked on the door "Here she is."

Brianna walked into the office. Gabriel and Skylar stood up and walked towards her. Brianna smiled and went to shake Skylar's hand.

"Hi! I'm Brianna Pennell. Nice to meet you, Skylar!" introduced Brianna.

"Nice to meet you too," replied Skylar.

The bell rang.

"Go on ladies, enjoy your day," said Gabriel.

"Thank you, Mr. Whitmore," thanked Brianna and Skylar as they left the office.

Brianna shut his office door as she and Skylar began to walk down the corridor.

"Lets have a look at your timetable," said Brianna.

Skylar passed her timetable to Brianna. Brianna studied it, just like everything else.

"Great, you have English first! I'm in there too," smiled Brianna.

"Is the teacher decent?" asked Skylar.

"She's new, but I sort of like her. She's more understanding than most teachers," answered Brianna. "English is just this way!"

They both arrived at the English classroom. The door had a window and they both looked through it. Brianna decided to introduce her to the class.

"The one with the blonde hair sat down. That is Ava. There is one phrase to descibe that girl. A spoilt bitch, also known as the Queen Bee of Allenwood High. She gave herself that title," said Brianna.

"I guess every high school has there typical Queen Bee," pointed out Skylar.

"Yeah. She's your typical mean girl but ten times worse. Just don't get on the wrong side of her. She is dating the asian guy, Logan Middleton. He is surprisingly nice to me and I have no idea what he sees in that. Isabela Kendrick and Aniya Tirney aka Ava's minions. Wherever you find Ava, you'll probably find them. Aniya is dating Isaac, the biggest jerk of them all. He's the good-looking one," said Brianna.

"Um...yeah I guess he is. Did you say he was dating someone?" asked Skylar.

"Yes. He is dating Aniya. He treats her like a piece of dirt and cheats on her with every girl he makes eye contact with. It was rumored he had a big summer fling. I don't think Aniya ever found out who it was. However, it doesn't matter how beautiful you are. If you're ugly on the inside, you're ugly," said Brianna.

"Oh," replied Skylar.

"Come on, lets go inside. You can sit next to me," said Brianna.

They both entered the classroom. As soon as they opened the door, they were both hit with the sound of crying. Everyone turned to stare at Skylar. Skylar looked down and walked towards her seat with Brianna. Ava's crying got everyone's attention focused on her.

"She was such a beautiful, beautiful girl," cried Ava "How could anyone do that to a poor, innocent couple?"

"I thought you hated Charlotte?" said Aniya, puzzled.

"That wasn't Charlotte you blithering idiot. That," snapped Ava.

" said Charlotte. I remember. We were both sat by the pool and you sai-" said Aniya before she stopped because Ava and Isabela were staring at her and signalling her to stop speaking.

Logan put his arm around Ava to try and comfort her.

"Everything is going to be alright," comforted Logan.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" screamed Ava.

She began crying into her hands. Logan didn't understand what he had done wrong. Brianna and Skylar sat down. Ethan Michaels walked into the classroom. Everyone's attention was now set on him. Ethan has a pale complexion with a broad forehead and strong bone structure. He had deep forest green eyes with dark blonde hair. He froze on the spot. Ava quickly jumped out of her spot. She walked towards him and hugged him.

"Ethan...I'm so sorry...," said Ava sadly.

Logan looked over with jealousy. He went to sit in his seat and pressed his head in his hands. Brianna was disgusted.

"Who's that?" asked Skykar.

"That's Ethan Michaels, star of the football team and son of one of the officers in town," responded Brianna.

Brianna looked at Ava and Ethan one more time. She turned to Skylar.

"And may I introduce the fake crying of poor, heartbroken Ava. She'd do anything to get in a man's pants...even if she has a boyfriend," whispered Brianna.

"I heard that!" yelled Ava.

Brianna stood up.

"Ava, I am dreadfully sorry. I am sorry for hitting you with the truth," said Brianna cockily.

"It's not my fault you're jealous that I get the attention," screamed Ava.

"Wrong. I'm not jealous of a bratty, spoilt attention seeker," shouted Brianna.

The girls eyed each other down before the were about to carry on yapping at each other. Willow walked into the classroom and broke the fight up before it got out of hand.

"Ladies, settle down," shouted Willow "And welcome to Allenwood High, Miss...?"

Brianna nudged Skylar.

"Skylar. Skylar Hanlon," responded Skylar.

Everyone sat down.


Gabriel, Quinton and Jonah were in the principal's office. Quinton wiped the stress from his face. He hands Jonah a clipboard. Quinton is tall with an athletic build. He has blue eyes with short brown hair.

"Who's the next student?" asked Quinton.

"Theodore Riley, sir, replied Jonah.

"Bring him in, ordered Quinton.

Jonah went outside the office to bring Theodore in. Theodore walked in and sat in a chair. He didn't like the fact that his principal and two police officers were staring at him.

"Morning, Theodore," greeted Gabriel.

"Nice to meet you Theodore. I'm Sheriff Michaels and this is Deputy Hanlon. We're going to keep this brief, but we just want to ask you a few questions. Every student has had to do this," informed Quinton.

"It's fine. I'll tell you everything I can," said Theodore nervously.

"How close were you the victims? Starting with Andrew," asked Quinton.

"I rarely spoke to any of them. Me and Andrew were just two completely different people and Charlotte only talked to me when she wanted to steal my homework for Biology, answered Theodore.

"When was the last time you saw them both?" questioned Quinton.

"I saw them both in school last Friday. I never saw them again after that," answered Theodore.

Jonah started making notes on the clipboard.


Brianna and Skylar sat down together at lunch.

"I'm a part of the school Mathletes. Do you like Math?" asked Brianna.

"To be honest, I suck at it," replied Skylar.

Dominic sat down with them.

"You going to introduce me?" smiled Dominic.

"Skylar, this is Dominic Sizemore. Dom, this is Skylar Hanlon," huffed Brianna.

"Hi, nice to meet you," smiled Skylar.

"Nice to meet you Skylar. So, where'd you move from?" asked Dominic.

"I moved here from Rosemont. Yeah, my Dad wanted to move us," replied Skylar.

"How come?" wondered Brianna.

"My Mom disappeared," answered Skylar, facing her head down.

"Oh...," blurted Brianna "I'm sorry...I didn't know. I wouldn't of-"

"It's fine. Don't worry," assured Skylar.

Across the lunch room, Ava watched Brianna's every move. She was also watching Skylar. Aniya and Isbala were gossiping about who had slept with who.

"We have room on our table, right?" asked Ava.

"I suppose...," replied Isabela "Why?"

Ava looked at Skylar. Both of the girls turned to look at her. They then turned back to look at Ava shocked.

"You want to invite the new girl to our table?" questioned Aniya.

Ava nodded.

"B-but you never let anyone sit with us!" exclaimed Isabela.

"We need to help the poor girl out. She has potential to be one of us...but not if she's hanging around with that loser," stated Ava "I hate that bitch."

Aniya and Isabela looked at each other and didn't say anything.

"It's decided then. She comes and sits with us," declared Ava.

She quickly stood up and strut towards Brianna's table with her hands on her hips. She stopped so that she was opposite to Brianna.

"I don't think we've been formally introduced," said Ava with an evil smile on her face "I'm Ava Lyons."

"I'm Skylar, you can call me Sky," smiled Skylar.

"Oh, I know who you are," revealed Ava.

"Oh, okay...," said Skylar, puzzled. "You should know that I don't do this very often but I was wondering if you would want to come shopping with me and my girls after school," wondered Ava.

"It's alright, I'm fin-" replied Skylar.

"Sorted. We leave straight after school," said Ava before Skylar could say no "Your hair looks really good? You should let your hair down! Come on, we'll go sort it in the bathroom!"

"Oookayyy," replied Skylar as she got dragged by Ava.

Ava clicked her fingers and Isabela and Aniya quickly picked up their stuff and Ava's. They followed her and Skylar out of the dining room. Brianna and Dominic looked on.


Ava drove her Ferrari up to the entrance of Skylar's house. Her car was full with shopping bags. Skylar smiled as she took her seat-belt off and got out of the car.

"Thank you, Ava, I've had a good time!" thanked Skylar.

"You're welcome. I'll pick you up here tomorrow morning," announced Ava.

Skylar waved as she headed inside. Ava beeped. Skylar jumped out of her skin and turned around.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" questioned Ava.

Skylar didn't answer. Ava picked up three shopping bags and held her arms out in Skylar's direction.

"No, honestly, it's fine. You don't have to give me those. You keep them, you looked better in them anyway!" laughed Skylar.

"Take them," ordered Ava "Now."

"I can't do that," said Skylar shaking her head.

"I said take them," repeated Ava "I'm not taking no for an answer."

Skylar took them from Ava.

"Don't thank me. You need something to wear for the party on Friday," smiled Ava as she put on her sunglasses.

" What party?" asked Skylar.

"My boyfriend is throwing some party for whatever reason. A party is a party and I am inviting you," laughed Ava.

"What can I say...thanks, I guess! thanked Skylar again.

"I told you not to thank me. I'll see you tomorrow," waved Ava as she drove away.

Skylar waved and shrugged her shoulders as she walked towards her front door. She tried opening it but it was locked. She thought her father would of been in. She got out her key and opened the door. She went inside and placed the bags down in the corridor. The house looked smaller than the one she previously lived in. This home has lead her to a new beginning, away from what happened in her hometown. Skylar didn't like thinking about it. She went upstairs and looked in the mirror. She got a brush and combed through her hair. Suddenly, she heard a noise from downstairs. She paused for a minute and wondered who it could be. She thought it would be Jonah or her father. She quickly went downstairs. She looked around and no one or nothing was there. Skylar went down the corridor to the front door. It was wide open. She shut it quickly and locked it. She remembered what had happened to the students the other night.


Jonah was sat at his desk in the Allenwood Police Department. He was looking through some files until Quinton came over.

"Do me a favour," said Quinton suspiciously.

"Anything, sir," offered Jonah.

"Pull up anything you can find on Isaac Ramsey," implored Quinton.

Jonah turned around to his computer. He searched his name in the database and pulled up the file on Isaac.

"Born in Allenwood. Has once been arrested for attacking someone violently. Also reports that he has anger issues and has been seing a therapist ever since the attack.," revealed Jonah.

"Interesting," confessed Quinton "Very interesting."


Everyone was dancing. The music was so loud that it made people's skin tingle and people's lungs feel like mush. The bass thumped in time with Ava's heartbeat, filling her from head to toe with music. She drank from her red plastic cup as she eyed Ethan. Logan tried kissing her but she pushed him away. She walked over to Ethan when his friends walked away. She started to stroke his arms.

"How you holding up?" asked Ava.

"Fine. You?" replied Ethan.

"I've been feeling better," responded Ava "Maybe me and you could -"

"Ava, I've told you before," warned Ethan "I won't do anything to hurt Logan. He is my friend. You need to stop trying.

Ethan took a sip of his beer as he walked away. Ava tried to hold back the tears. She stormed off and went into one of the bathrooms. Ava, Brianna and Dominic arrived at the party. As soon as they got there, Brianna noticed Theodore alone. She followed him. Dominic saw a bunch of people he knew and walked over to talk to them, leaving Skylar alone. She walked over to a table and picked up one of the red plastic cups. She took a drink of the beer and then automatically threw it down. Ethan appeared behind her.

"Beer taste bad, huh?" asked Ethan.

"Yep," laughed Skylar.

"I could get you something else to drink, if you like," offered Ethan.

"It's fine. I'm fine," smiled Skylar.

"Are you sure?" smiled Ethan.

"I'm sure," laughed Skylar.

The pair of them wondered off together talking. Brianna followed Theodore into the kitchen. She tapped his shoulder.

"Hey! Theo, how are you?" greeted Brianna.

Theodore ignored her and walked off.

"Wait up, Theo!" called Brianna "Are you alright?"

"Leave me alone," mumbled Theodore.

He walked off as Brianna watched on. Suddenly, a lot of noise started to rise over the music. A crowd huddled around two people fighting. Brianna quickly pushed to the front of the crowd. Isaac and Brad were fighting. Ethan apologized to Skylar as he left her to split the fight up. He got in the middle of them. Aniya was at the side trying to hold Isaac back.

"What are you to guys doing! You're supposed to be mates!" yelled Ethan.

"I thought that too UNTIL HE HIT ON MY GIRLFRIEND!" shouted Isaac.

Isaac tried to get one last punch in. Aniya tried pulling him back and he accidentally hit her in the nose. He calmed down and looked at her. Her nose was bleeding. She started crying and walked off. Skylar watched on as she received a text message. She opened it.


Unknown Texter: New girl that holds a secret. Don't worry, I won't tell - C

Skylar scared at the text message, which had an attachment image. She opened it and a picture of Isaac appeared. Her eyes widened as she looked around to see if anyone was on their phone. Skylar then scanned the crowd to look for Isaac. He wasn't there. He had left. Her phone beeped as another text message appeared. She opened it.


Unknown Texter: Only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead - C

Skylar quickly looked up again to see if she could see Isaac. This must of been some sort of a sick joke. Ethan came over to her.

"Sorry about that," apologized Ethan "Are you okay?"

"Sorry...I need to go!" exclaimed Skylar as she ran through the crowd.

She looked around everywhere and she couldn't spot Isaac. She went to the window and saw him. He was really far away and heading into the woods, alone. She didn't know what to do.


After the never ending lights at the party, Isaac underestimated the utter blackness of the nightmare in the woods. He walked alone as he tried to find something to cover his bleeding fist with. He picked up some leaves and sat down. Suddenly, he heard the crunch of the twigs. He looked around but he couldn't see anything because of the amount of trees. He called out to see if anyone there, but there was no answer. Isaac thought it must of been an animal or something. He sat back down. Then, he heard a creepy sound of a clown laugh.

"Is anyone there?" called Isaac.

There was no answer. Suddenly, something appeared behind him. He turned around and screamed at what he saw.




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